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Aadniel's Holiday Village

When was the last time, you walked barefeet in grass?

When was the last time, you listened to the quiet?

When was the last time, you squinted at the sun?


Aadniel's Holiday Village locates in the middle of Saaremaa and has belonged to the Kiir family for centuries.


We are pet friendly.


NB! Please reserve appointment in advance(personnel isn't on site)



Cabin 8 "Arno" (4 person)
1 month                 3750             1100
2 weeks                1750                750        



Prices 2023 (PP - per person)

Cabin 2 "Imelik" (4 person) 130€
Cabin 3  "Ait" (5 person) 100€
Cabin 4  "Aliide" (2 person) 50€
Cabin 5  "Kiir" (4 person)  60€
Cabin 6  "Toots" (2 person) 50€
Cabin 7  "Teele" (4 person) 120€
Cabin 8  "Arno"(4 person) 130€
Cabin 9  "Lible" (6 person)  120€
Glamping Telk (2 person)
Woodheated sauna 2 hours 50€
Traditional Russian smoke sauna 100€
Infrared sauna 30 minutes 10€/PP
Woodheated hot tub 90€
Jacuzzi Lay-Z-Spa Milan 60€
Jacuzzi Lay-Z-Spa Miami 50€
RENTAL fishing rod 5€/day
RENTAL grill 5€/day
Bag of logs 30L 10€

Snack platters 

Snack platters should be ordered at least 1 day in advance by 9AM. You can pre order snack platters when you make the reservation.


Meat platter 1kg                            20€

Stuffed eggs, fried cutlets, meat sausages, ham rolls, marinated champignons, cucumber, marinated pickles, roman salad, cherry tomatoes


Fish platter 1kg                            20€

Rainbow trout, herring truffles, herring rollmops, red onion, butter, roman salad, leek, cucumber, tomato, lemon

Veggie dip platter 1,1kg          10€

Cauliflower, celery, paprika, carrot, cucumber, dip sauce


Cheese balls 250g                          6€

Cheese, eggs


Stuffed eggs 240g (6pcs)           5€



Ham rolls 500g                            12€

Ham, cheese, mayonnaise, garlic


Caesar's salad 270g                        6€

Roman salad, tomato, chicken breast fillet, toast, parmesan cheese, garlic, anchovy, capers





Covid-19 info

With the COVID-19 safety label, trusted to us by Visit Saaremaa we confirm that we follow the requirements and instructions of the Government and the Health Board of Estonia established for our field of activity, we keep up to date with the information and help visitors to comply with the virus prevention rules on site.



Order groceries to Aadniel's Holiday Village

Products can be seen and ordered here:  or call us +372 5133723
The order must be placed either the day before or no later than 11AM on the same day of delivery
Payment is made in cash upon delivery of the goods.


 Mäeniidi talu, Aula-Vintri village, Kaarma parish




Aadniel's Holiday Village Contact
+372 513 3723


  Aadniel's facebook page

  Mäeniidi talu, Aula-Vintri village, Kaarma parish

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